Day 2 starts off with the BO3 between Guardian5 and Bravo. The series is packed with action and nobody could’ve predicted the outcome. Both teams put so much effort into all three maps, none of them holding back.

Bravo dominated the first half of the first map, Guardian5 barely getting any space to breathe. The half ends with a 10-5 scoreline and things start to look impossible for Guardian5 but they surprise everyone and make a comeback that unfortunately ends too soon and they lose to Bravo. It doesn’t end there though, Guardian5 leave no room for mistakes as they give their all in the remaining two maps and win the series.

The second BO3 is between Portal and Desert Eagle. It was not as eventful as Guardian5 VS Bravo, it was the opposite as Portal show their strength and take Desert Eagle down. Both maps end one-sided in Portal’s favor. Desert Eagle have the individual skill but they have a long way to go when it comes to playing as a team.

Stay tuned as we wait for the day 3 of the round of 16. Right here, on ESN.