The final two games of the DOTA 2 Mountain Dew Extreme Gaming Series Round of 16 matches were
played on the 24th of march. The games were broadcasted live on ESN TV Pakistan channel on
The first tie of the day was between Animus esports and Team TT. Game 1 saw TT starting off really well
as they dominated the first 25 minutes of the game. However, Animus esports had 2 heroes in their draft
possessing considerable burst damage. Templar Assasin and Phantom Assasin after completing their
core items of Desolater combined with their passive was just too much for Team TT to defend. Though
‘frosty’ played really well with slark but towards the latter stages of the game he seemed too handicapped
to fight against the opposition teams’ carry. Frosty took a lot of kills off Animus esports non-core heroes
but it looked like he had second thoughts going up against ‘Daisuke’s’ Phantom Assasin who was rocking
the game against a low hp TT Draft. Animus esports won game 1 that came to an end at the 40th minute
with score of 36 – 38 against Animus esports.
The 2nd game saw Animus esports starting the game off better than they did in the first one. Animus
went with the same combo of Phantom Assasin and Templar Assasin in this game. Phantom being
played by ‘Daisuke’ ended the game with a score of 11/1/9. ‘Yahoo’ of team TT had a brilliant game with
pangolier as he played position 1 with that hero. ‘Yahoo’ ended with a score of 17/4/13. He made a lot of
plays early on in the game and destroyed Razor of Animus esports played by ‘danny’. The game was
won by Animus esports in the 38th minute with a score of 46 – 36 in favor or Animus esports. The MVP of
the game was ‘iefaapkhan’ who played brilliantly with clockwork. He continously hunted the position 4
and 5 heroes of team TT making the team fights go in favor of Animus with an advantage of a extra hero.
This means Animus esports now qualify for the Quarter Finals of the DOTA 2 Mountain Dew Extreme
Gaming Series 2019.
The second competition of the day was between Prometheus Gaming and MYR.PK. In game 1, both
teams played very well. ‘Vanilla511’ was playing ember spirit against ‘suski’s’ medusa. Medusa farmed
considerably in the game. She ended the game with a gold of 36,714 at the 48th minute mark. ‘Ajju’
played really well with his signature earth spirit and had impact in the team fights and ganks through out
the game. MYR.PK had a stronger draft and won the game in the 48th minute mark with a score of 30-

  1. The MVP of the game was ‘suski’ with a KDA of 10/3/5.
    In game 2, Prometheus Gaming played very well. ‘Vanilla511’ destroyed ‘suski’s’ invoker in the middle
    lane with morphling. ‘Ronny’ had a really bad time with his hero vengeful here who is by no means a
    position 5 support in the game. His pick cost him alot. Prometheus Gaming won the 2nd game with a
    score of 40 – 17 at the 34th minute mark. The MVP of the game was ‘Vanilla511’ with morphling who
    ended the score with a KDA score of 14/2/7. This meant the stage was all set for the 3rd and final game
    of the tie, which will decide who will go through to the Quarter Final.
    Game 3 was relatively less competitive as MYR.PK won the game in a convincing manner. ‘Ronny’ went
    back to his pure position 5 role and picked up jakiro. ‘Suski’ picked up tinker to go up against the invoker
    of ‘Vanilla511’. Apart from ‘Vanilla511’, not a single player from Prometheus Gaming made any impact in
    the game. Prometheus Gaming had their carry troll warlord being played by ‘cookie monster’ was given
    lots of time and space to farm. However, when it came time for the carry to display his skills, he was
    quite short of it. ‘Cookie Monster’ ended the game with a meagre score of 3/3/2. The MVP of the game
    was ‘hazzard’ who ended the game with a KDA of 7/0/11. The game ended with a score of 26 – 9 at the
    33rd minute mark. This means Prometheus Gaming go out of the tournament while MYR.PK proceed
    into the Quarter Finals.
    So at the end of the day, we learn that the 4th Quarter Final will be played between the underdogs of the
    tournament Animus esports and Myrevenge.Pk. The rest of the quarter final schedule will be updated on
    the facebook page and the official website.
    Stay tuned to ESN TV Pakistan on Facebook and Youtube for more news and highlights related to the
    Mountain Dew Extreme Gaming Series 2019.