As The Mountain Dew Extreme Gaming Series 2019 continues, Team Portal were scheduled to face Team Ex-Myrevenge. However, Ex-Myrevenge informed just around the match time mark that
they will not be able to make it in time as they had some serious commitments. Consequently, Team Portal win their game against Ex-Myrevenge via walkover and qualify for the Quarter

In the second tie of the day, Team Daddy went head on against Team Dig Bick. Team Daddy were tipped the favorites for this tie.

In game 1, Cyrus666 and Revenge selected really strong heroes; Troll Warlord and Antimage. Team Dig Bick made their last pick which was Medusa against which antimage was picked up 
almost instantly. The game was always going to be drawn out in this manner; if Dig Bick want to win they must end inside the 30 minute mark otherwise Antimage will become farmed up
and then Medusa will not be able to defend Team Dig Bick. For Team Daddy the objective was to get into the late game and that is exactly what happened. They managed to defend the early
push of Team Dig Bick and after the 30th minute mark, Team Daddy got the advantage and bought the game to a convincing end. Dexter played really well in the game as his play making was 
really beautiful to watch. The MVP of the game was Cyrus666 and his berserked Troll Warlord.

The second game was a very competitive game that went back and forth. Dig Bick won the 2nd game; 36 - 47. The MVP of the match was 'King' (Outworld Devourer) who initially harrassed 
Revenge (Moprhling) to such an extent that Revenge made upto 3 buybacks in the game. Such was the level of frustration incited by 'King'. Apart from 'King', none of the players from 
Team Dig Bick stepped up. Gumbal had a very torrid time in this game as he played really aweful with Juggernaut. Cyrus666 continued his run of form in this game as he played Antimage 
in the game. A lot of counter pushing took place in the game. However, Outworld and his AOE did considerable damage even late in the game where he used the refresher to turn the game 
into Team Dig Bicks favor. Regardless of the hardcore effort made by Team Daddy to defend and push, Team Dig Bick won the game and took the series to the 3rd and final game.

The third and deciding game of the series was a fairly contested game. Team Daddy played really well in this game. 'King' selected Broodmother and had considerable advantage of the middle
lane which was relinquished by Revenge to his ally, Cyrus666. Cyrus666 tried to maintain distance from Broodmother and continued to farm constantly. It came a point, where 'King' was forced 
into leaving the lane because the whirling Axes was becoming a nuisance for the spiderlings. Gumbal played poor once again following up with his display with juggernaut in the last game. Dexter 
continued to do what he does best. Revenge was forced into playing lane with invoker which clearly showed that Team Daddy was readjusting after the Broodmother pick The game was fairly contested
but it came to an end in a rather convincing manner with Team Daddy winning and hence Qualifying for the Quarter Finals. The MVP of Game 3 was Cyrus666 with his Troll Warlord.

Team Daddy will now face Team Portal in the Quarterfinals which will be broadcasted live on ESN TV Pakistan Youtube Page. We still have 4 more round of 16 matches to be played in the DOTA 2 Mountain 
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