The DOTA 2 Mountain Dew Extreme Gaming Series has now moved into the Round of 16 with two games played on the 18th of March. Both the games were broadcasted live on ESN TV Pakistan live from the venue partners’ gaming zone: “The Local Host Gaming”with casters Fahad Rehman and Abdul Moiz.

The first tie of the day was between Gameplex esports and Team Crucifix. Gameplex started the tie off as favorites.  The result of the tie is as follows:

Game 1: Gameplex esports defeat Team Crucifix 31 – 4,

Game 2: Gameplex esports defeat Team Crucifix 29 – 5,

Gameplex win the Best of 3 Match series 2-0.

Sparx was the MVP of both the games as he played very well with kunka. Gameplex were not challenged at all in both the matches. Kunka had lots of space in both the games. The tendancy of kunka, not to slack was truly commendable. It was not just kunka, infact all the heroes of Gameplex esports had a really easy walk in the park in this one.

Gameplex esports now qualify for the quarter finals. The only negative thing for Gameplex esports so far has been that they have not been challenged by both their previous opponents.

The second tie was between Ragged Execution and Team Warhawks. Unlike Warhawks, Ragged Execution were coming after winning a close game meaning their team was probably more warmed up for this one. The result of the tie is as follows:

Game 1: Warhawks defeat Ragged Execution via walkover,

Game 2: Ragged Execution defeat Warhawks 22 – 11,

Game 3: Ragged Execution defeat Warhawks 28 – 21.

Game 2 of the series was a very low quality game. Both the teams took too much time to make any move. They could have gathered up in a particular lane and end the game but they continued to wait for roshan or farm their items taking up a lot of time. This meant that the game ended around the 30th minute mark. Mir and showtek played led the chart in this game. Warhawks went for the NAIX bomb combo having spirit breaker and storm spirit in their team. This was a very ameature draft by Warhawk and is something parties usually do in public matches to have some fun. Ragged Execution won the first game quite easily.

In the deciding game of the tie, Warhawks turned up very differently leaving many surprised. Their draft and early game plays was really really good and at one point it seemed like Warhawks would run away with the tie. However, due to lack of experience or courage they failed to gather in a particular lane and push. They waited too long after taking the Top Lane Rax. The intention here is to explain the need to end the game when you can. If you simply feel you are in control of the game and you go back to farm or rosh, you are simply inviting trouble. This is exactly what they found out later as they lost the game after having control of the game for the majority of the game. Showtek controlling Phantom Assasin helped Ragged Execution make the comeback.

The issue Ragged Execution had early on in the game was that three of their heroes: Undying, Pangolier and Grimstroke were setting up the plays with their skill but due to lack of damage power they were not able to follow up and kill the other team. However, as time went on, Phantom Assasin completed her Desolator and in came the damage. Now setting up the plays by using skills such as soul bind, tombstone and rolling thunder, Ragged Execution were able to do considerable damage.

It was very surprising to see Queen of Pain playing in this game but she did well and was the MVP of the game.

Ragged Execution now qualify for the quarterfinal with Warhawks going out of the tournament.

This bought the day to an end where we found out that Gameplex esports will face Ragged Execution in the 1st quarterfinal of the DOTA 2 Mountain Dew Extreme Gaming Series. The Round of 16 will continue from the 20th of March where there will be 2 more games played.

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