We have concluded our round of 32 and have begun the next matches. Its been a great bunch of games but now that we have extracted some of the best it will get even better. The first day of the round of 16 started off with SICK5 VS Annihilation. The teams veto and decide on their three maps however the game only lasts for two maps, Overpass and Cache. Annihilation are unstoppable in the first half. For at least 8 rounds, SICK5 didn’t even get a single round but with some struggle and effort, Nine_Tailed picks up his team and together they get round after round. They finish the first half with an 11-4 scoreline in the favor of Annihilation but here’s when things get interesting. SICK5 pick up the pace and make a huge comeback against Annihilation. SICK5 win 16-14. The second map is Cache, this one however is back to back as both teams are evenly getting rounds in the match one after the other. SICK5 however are the winners yet again and this time BALLY is their saviour as he pulls them up from the pits of defeat and carries them to victory. His teammates perform well but BALLY dances so gracefully with his assault rifle, leaving us in awe. The games ends in 16-11 and SICK5 move into the quarter finals. Next up its Sensation VS Panda Gaming. This match up is a bit tragic as the first map goes poorly for Sensation that we almost think Panda Gaming may be too much for them. Sensation don’t get a chance to get a single round for themselves in the start and by the end they play a dreadful 4V5 as their player drops from the server and does not return. Surprisingly, they perform well during the 4V5 but it isn’t enough. The map is Cache and it ends in a 16-3 with Panda Gaming taking the victory. The second map is better. Overpass goes better for Sensation, they show their strength and prove that they are no less but in the end Panda Gaming do turn out to be the better team as they take Sensation down with a 16-11 scoreline, much better than what happened in the first map. Sensation did well but Panda was just too strong. Stay tuned as we wait for the day 2 of the round of 16. Right here, on ESN.