The round of 64 ends leaving behind some nice memories from close range AWP noscopes to USP-s one click shows. After going through so many talented players and teams we’ve finally boiled down to 32. Every single team gave this series their best shot and every single a new talent, a new face emerges from the huge number of players participating.

There are many experienced players in the tournament playing from teams such as Panda Gaming, Portal Esports, EMZ and others but this time around we are expecting the underdogs to show their strength and prove themselves against the legends of counter strike in Pakistan.

It was hard to see so many go home but there can only be one winner in the end. Of course that’s a story still in formation. We have to get started with our round of 32 and so far here’s the list of teams that showed their dominance against their opponents and proved they were survivors in this BO1 knockout phase:

– RifleNation

– Sensation

– Team Of Trouble

– Literally

– We-Wun

– Guardian5

– Panda Gaming

– Strike5



– Desert Eagle

– Portal Esports

– LevelUp

– Fellas

– Illusionist

– Galaxy Donuts

– Hitmen

– SlayNFlay

– Gaming Hub

– Annihilation

– New World Order

– NM Esports

– Local Host

– Yakuza

– Ex

– Fateh

– Elite5

– Emz

– ExGamers

– Anarchy

– Arabian Esports