The first round of DOTA 2 of the Mountain Dew Extreme Gaming Series has come to an exhilarating end. There were some newly formed teams coming up against some of the veterans of the country. The teams that went out need to take this experience and build on it to develop into a stronger team.

The teams that performed brilliantly in the first round were Gameplex esports, Warhawks, Portal esports, Recreational Hazards and Team Daddy. There are 2 teams that have risen as the underdogs for the DOTA 2 tournament (and I want the stronger teams to take note of this). They are Animus esports and Team Daddy. There will be an upset in the coming rounds and it will not be surprising if it comes at the hands of these 2 teams. With that said the favorites of the tournament are still Portal esports and Recreational Hazards as both these teams are coming at the back of tournament victories.

Some of the newer teams had players returning to DOTA 2 after a substantial break and the lack of awareness of the latest meta forced them out quickly. The latest meta 7.21c really favor players that have been playing continuously and teams need to adapt quickly before it gets too late. The release of the latest DOTA 2 Mars has the entire community buzzing. Incase Valve allows the hero to be selected in the coming updates, the hero can be a game changer just as all new heroes are at their release.

Some of the top performers of the first round were Musawer “Ghost” Khan and Hani “NEVER”. For many teams this first round was just a warm up while there was just one highly contested game between Raging Potatoes and Racist Rage.

The result of the First Round of the DOTA 2 is as follows:

Match 1: Team Synergy defeated Team Vanguard by failing to arrive in time resulting in a walkover,

Match 2: Gameplex esports defeated Nuke Gaming 41 – 9,

Match 3: Warhawks defeated R8 Raptors  50 – 9,

Match 4: Prometheus Gaming defeated Rage Squad 28 – 17,

Match 5: Dig Bick defeated Team No0p 49 – 18

Match 6: Portal esports defeated Beyond Divinity 27 – 7,

Match 7: MyRevenge defeated Team Retribution 44 – 13,

Match 8: Team T.T defeated Team 4CE 32 – 12,

Match 9: XMYR defeated Team Bloopers 32 – 15,

Match 10: Raging Potatoes defeated Racist Rage 54 – 49

Match 11: Recreational Hazard defeated Team Noobies 22 – 6,

Match 12: Animus esports defeated Cold Fire 44 – 8,

Match 13: The Local Host Gaming defeated Eclipse Gaming 25 – 9,

Match 14: Crucifix defeated Team Flame 44 – 14,

Match 15: Ragged Execution defeated Sterox 38 – 28,

Match 16: Team Daddy defeated Team Immortals 35 – 6.

Stay connected with ESN TV Pakistan on Facebook to stay updated with highlights and schedules as DOTA 2 now moves into the Round of 16, starting from 17th March 2019. The matches of the Round of 16 will be broadcasted Live on Youtube.