On Match Day 2 of the Mountain Dew Extreme Gaming Series, 8 teams went head to head against each other. The winners of the 4 matches would go onto the next round which is the round of 16 that was be broadcasted live on ESN TV Pakistan Facebook Page and Youtube Channel.

The result of Match Day 2 are as follows:

Match 6: Portal esports defeated Beyond Divinity 27 – 7,

The winner of Mountain Dew Gamers Arena 2018 Portal esports are one of the favorites of the tournament. Having the likes of Musawer “Ghost” Khan and Shiraz Akhter AKA Shizzy, Portal esports have a lineup that can take on anyone and anytime. Consistent training is what makes this team efficient and was apparent in this game as Ghost Khan played broodmother and ended with a KDA of 12/0/3. Portal esports were not challenged in this game at all as the game came to a close in 24th min.

Match 7: Team Retribution defeated MyRevenge.pk 52 – 52,

This game was the best match of the DOTA 2 qualifiers so far. Some of the top players of Karachi like Arsalan “Ajju” Ali and Rahul “Artoozy” Moorani and by far one of the most popular offlaner in the country Saud “Master” were all playing in this game. MyRevenge.pk was the favorite before the game began.

But Team Retribution had something else in their mind. Lukman Khan AKA “Wraithking is Nepali” had a score of 32 kills. It is a score that may hardly be challenged in the tournament. The manner in which Lukman decimated MyRevenge.pk’s mid laner; Tinker (Rahul) was embarrassing. Lukman was literally going from fountain to mid lane, killing tiny, going back to base to regenerate the mana pool and back to lane to kill the opposing team heroes. Lukman was very lucky early on and took risk early on the game which rewarded him with faster farm and experience. He became so dominating that no one wanted to defend the mid tower while he was pushing the lane alone. This Lukman Khan was demanding respect and he surely got it.

The game went back and forth and Lukman Khan’s advantage was neutralized as match went the distance to nearly an hour with every hero reaching their max level and got equipped with the item they needed. In the end Team Retribution finally broke the Ancient and it was a hearbreak for MyRevenge as they could not believe what had happened. Lukman Khan is surely a player to watch out for in the next round.

Match 8: Team T.T defeated Team 4CE 32 – 12,

It was a very easy game for Team T.T as they were in control of the match from the first minute. Having qualities of players such as Ahsan “Frooz” Arain and “Yahoo” Armaan, T.T made a short work of Team 4CE. The Meta of bounty hunter was used to its advantage and the fruits followed. The best player of the match was Shaik “Hum hi jeetain gay” controlling bounty hunter.

Match 9: XMYR defeated Team Bloopers 32 – 15,

Team Ex-Myrevenge is composed of some of the players from the original Myrevenge. This was a very one sided game. Team Bloopers did demonstrate some resilience and basic game play such as rotation. However, they lost the game in lane considerably losing out to the basic last hit and denies which is very critical in the early stages of the game.

The best player of the game was “Never” Hani who controlled monkey king and ended with a strong score of 12/3/9. Garbagerino (Medusa) also stacked a lot of farm. However, since the game did not go into the late stage, the utility was minimal. The roaming role was used effectively by Ex-Myrevenge as tusk rotated effectively.

There are 7 more matches to go in the first round of DOTA 2 qualifiers after which the Round of 16 will begin. Stay tuned to esngaming.tv for latest updates about the DOTA 2 and CS:GO matches of the Mountain Dew Extreme Gaming series.