Mountain Dew has been making great strides in the Gaming industry of Pakistan. ESN latest gaming tournament; Mountain Dew Extreme Gaming Series kicked off in Pakistan on the 5th of March 2019. 64 teams from Counter Strike: Global Offensive and 32 teams from DOTA 2 will be competing for PKR 500,000 Winning Prize.

There were ten teams that played each other in DOTA 2 on the 6th March. This was the first round, where the winners would qualify for the round of 16 that will be streamed and casted live on ESN TV Pakistan on YouTube.

The results of DOTA 2 Day 1 are as follows:

Match 1: Team Synergy defeated Team Vanguard by failing to arrive in time resulting in a walkover,

The first match was unfortunately a disappointing one as Team Vanguard was unable to gather up 5 of their 6 registered players on time and hence got disqualified which meant Team Synergy won their match via walkover.

Match 2: Gameplex esports defeated Nuke Gaming 41 – 9,

The first blood was drawn by Nuke Gaming as katek1zem took out Madness. This was a surprise as Madness is one of the finest Mid Lane players in the game. Mid Lane is where Madness has established his reputation winning 1v1 mid tournaments in the country prior to this tournament. Madness showed his potential as the game moved on and ended with a score of 10/2/10.

Match 3: Warhawks defeated Raptor 8 50 – 9,

The consequences of taking a break in DOTA 2 was found out first hand by Raptor 8 as the Casual set of gamers had a bad day in the park. It is very important to keep up with the meta and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Match 4: Prometheus Gaming defeated Rage Squad 28 – 17,

There were moments in the game where it seemed that the gold advantage of Prometheus would go in vain as HaiseSaskaki (ember spirit) from Rage Squad showed great resistance when Prometheus gathered up to push a particular lane. The resistance eventually broke as the carries became too strong and they eventually broke all shackles loose. This bought the match to an end in the 36th minute.

Match 5: Dig Bick defeated Team No0p 49 – 18

The match saw Pakistani DOTA 2 veteran Scooby of Dig Bick play tremendously with his signature Earth Spirit where he affected the play significantly helping all 3 lanes. The onslaught from Dig Bick continued after the tier 1 tower fell. Towards the end of the game, it became humiliating for Team No0p as Dig Bick went inside the enemy fountain to kill their heroes. The gold advantage, player draft and level difference was heavily in favor of Dig Bick from the get go.

The next set of DOTA 2 qualifiers will be played on the 8th of March. Be sure to visit our website to stay up to date with all the action happening in the Mountain Dew Extreme Gaming Series.