Day 1 is officially done with unbelievable score lines and plays by notable players. We definitely have some new favorites after yesterday.

The first match between we-wun and Respect4Win ends with a 16-3 score line and getright1g was the star of the show with 28 frags while the second most was 18 on his team. Things didn’t end well for R[4]W when they faced getright1g and his teammates on Mirage but it was a nice try from their side. It’s never over, there’s always a next time.

Second match was playing on Overpass, one of the least picked maps in Pakistani tournaments. Strike5 faced their opponents Rivalz in an intense match up where each one their players stepped up and showed Rivalz how it’s done. With this win they move further in the tournament.

The third match between Guardian5 and iNation5 takes place on Dust ll and it would be a dishonor if we don’t give a limelight to Mafia for dropping three no scopes with one regular shot to sum it up into a 4K, absolutely crushing his opponents. Mafia shows us all why we love this sport and the talent that shines when given a platform. Lastly, we had Panda Gaming against LoserS fight it out on Inferno and the score line was a bit expected. Panda gaming won 7 rounds straight in a round and forced LoserS into a forfeit. Ebad was the man to look out for during the match, opening up the first round with a 4K all headshots and winning it for his teammates. We expect to see a lot from Panda Gaming in this series as they have some of the top players in the country under their banner. They recently won a tournament as well and a lot is expected out of them this month.